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Author & Team Leader

Michael A. Carson Jr.



Michael Carson is a servant leader, community advocate, talk show commentator, and author who has conducted empowerment lectures and workshops for more than 20 years on topics such as youth and adult development, leadership, mentoring, and conflict resolution, among others.  


He is the founder of Image Builders, LLC (formerly Image Builders Outreach, a 501(c)(3) Illinois nonprofit organization).  The organization has a long history of addressing the needs of underserved communities in the areas of self-improvement, poverty, and criminal justice. 


Michael served as the Co-Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion team for a prominent worldwide nonprofit organization.  He also served as a member of a Community Restorative Justice Board and as an advisory council member for a local juvenile justice organization.

He has worked with numerous small businesses over the years and has assisted with brand and business-related matters.

Michael holds degrees in Criminal Justice, Sociology/Political Science, and Organizational Management and Leadership and have worked as a legal professional for over 30 years.


I am forever grateful for my late mother Marion "MURI" Carson.  Her level of compassion demonstrated toward others left an impact on my life. Click here to purchase your "Compassion in Action" book which is dedicated, in part, to her legacy.

- Michael A. Carson Jr.

Contact Michael here, for speaking engagements on the following topics:


Civil & Human Rights Issues | Inspiration and Motivation | Leadership | Mentoring

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