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So you've read the book and now you want to join the Compassion in Action Team. Heres how: 


1.  Take the pledge: "I __________________ pledge to do my part as a global citizen of this earth by demonstrating compassion and displaying love to all people regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability. I pledge to see the value in all people and will promote and practice compassion in an effort to make this world a better place."


2.  What are you compassionate about/Get Involved:  Are you compassionate about helping the homeless? Is there a classmate who is struggling in an area and you have the capacity to help? Is there a non-profit organization you desire to help out?  These are just a few examples. There are plenty of opportunities to serve. Once you identify that opportunity, find out how to get involved then go out and make a difference; you can do it!

3.  Connect and Share:  Connect with us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #ciabymuri with the phrase "I'm in with the CIA Team" or share here how you are making a difference.



Don't Wait, Become A Member Today!

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