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                                                                                                                                Full Name: Michael A. Carson Jr.


                                                                                                                                Phone Number: 708.240.8375


New Book, Compassion In Action, Helps Teens Navigate Life’s Challenges through Compassion


ATLANTA (July 11, 2016) – From bullying and violence to negative behaviors, teens currently face a number of issues that impact their overall mental health and physical well-being.  According to research, the most effective way to improve child and adolescent health is to reduce the effects of stressful life events.  Author, Michael Carson, believes that this can be achieved through acts of compassion. 


Carson’s new book, Compassion in Action, is a thought provoking book that encourages teens to demonstrate compassion and embrace diversity and inclusion.  The book follows four characters who come together to address social ills with acts of kindness while also dealing with personal issues.  The book addresses several themes, including: self-esteem, bullying, racism, ageism, and overcoming obstacles and tragedies.  Compassion in Action is designed for both teens and parents. 


"Compassion in Action allows teens to believe that there is space for them in a diverse and multicultural world to get involved with causes they are passionate about," said Carson.


This book helps teens realize that it's okay to be unique and respect others who might be different.  By connecting with the characters and stories, readers will see the value in serving and helping others.   A myriad of examples throughout the book compels one to look beyond external and physical factors and exhibit tolerance, empathy, accountability and action.


Carson has committed his life to youth empowerment.  He has devoted more than 20 years with helping teens and young adults.  As a young boy growing up in poverty, Carson had to decide very early in life what type of person he was going to be.  Through his tough circumstances, many too tough for a child to have to navigate, Carson, with encouragement from his mother,  chose the right path.  Carson’s mother, Marion (affectionately known as "Muri") taught him early on to love and respect himself even when she struggled with her own challenges.  She strongly influenced his life by demonstrating compassion toward others. Compassion in Action is a way to honor his mother, "Muri", and help continue both of their legacies.


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About the Author


Michael Carson is a servant leader who is compassionate about people!  He has conducted empowerment lectures and workshops for more than 20 years on topics such as youth and adult development, leadership, mentoring, and conflict resolution, among others. 


He founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provided community outreach services to underserved individuals. Additionally, he has volunteered in numerous youth and adult correctional institutions and has provided assistance to formerly incarcerated individuals for more than 16 years. 


He served as the Co-Chair of the Diversity Opportunity Team for a prominent worldwide nonprofit organization.  He currently serves as a member on a Community Restorative Justice Board and as Secretary of the Atlanta Youth Development Center Advisory Council for the Georgia Juvenile Justice Department.

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